Create a virtual memorial of memory and fame - this is the best that a person can do in memory of someone.

If you are suffering from the loss of an expensive person or want to express your respect and honor to those who left this world - place their soul in a beautiful and bright world, in which there is no pain and suffering, but there is love, the warmth of close people and your care. In a couple of minutes you will create a beautiful place where the soul of a loved one with your help will find peace and bliss, and you will find solace and a sense of accomplishment and bliss for a good deed accomplished..

What Is A Virtual Memorial?
A virtual memorial is an online page of memory that allows honour and glorify of a departed loved one. And also it is an act of your kindness and manifestation of your humanity.
Below are 6 styles of virtual memorials from thousands of possible, that you create with a few mouse clicks, in which the soul of a person close to you will dwell.

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A beautiful and bright world

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Mysterious and exciting world

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Spiritual and gentle

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Fantasy world

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Arbitrary world

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  • The last and most important act that we all have to do is relieve pain and give peace to the soul of a loved one. The virtual memorial created by you will provide a decent shelter for the soul, warmed by your care and attention.

  • This is the ideal way to tell all your friends and family about your loss and invite them to participate in improving the page and adding content (photo, video, text for expression of honor and recognition). And their positive feedback in the Hall of Fame creates a good reputation for the soul of a loved one at the divine court and provides a worthy place in a better world.

  • Historians and your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will also be able to appreciate your efforts and the opportunity to learn about their ancestors and their role in your life and in the history of mankind

  • In this SHELTER FOR THE PURE SOULS you can provide a cozy and beautiful place for a pleasant comfortable existence of the spiritual essence of an loved one. And also to sum up the main result of a person's life and evaluate their merits and good deeds, spiritual qualities, skills and talents.

  • This is a great place for a bright and beautiful expression of your feelings, words of gratitude, manifestation of spirituality, humanity and sincere care.

  • After creating a page of memory, you gain peace of mind and pride in the noble cause you have accomplished. Perhaps, it is this page that will allow the soul to enter paradise.

  • Important! Creating a virtual memorial is not a formal death message. This is your revelation, the voice of the soul and the expression of your pain and love. And also this is a manifestation of real, sincere care and a reflection of spirituality.
    Your sincere feelings will be able to attract the soul of the person right here, so that they have a comfortable place where they will find joy and peace, will feel your care and contiguity.

  • Thanks to the virtual memorial you created, you do not part with your close people - you just see each other less often. Your emotional connection will not be interrupted. In moments of sadness and days of joy, you can always share a joyful event in your life, or share your heartache, ask for advice or protection. And only a close and dear person will always listen to you and will never fail you and help you realize your requests. And you will always be under his protection.

  • You have the opportunity to place for free 50 years the following categories of people: - military, police and rescuers who died in the performance of their duties; - people who died on September 11, 2001 in New York; - presidents, prime ministers, chancellors of democratic countries and royal persons. After creating the page, send the proposal for a free extension of the page for 50 years, with the reason..
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If you are suffering from the loss of a loved one or you want to express to someone your respect and honor, or you want to open the heavenly gates before the soul of an dear person - start creating a virtual memorial.