How to cope with the loss of a loved one


       Often loss of the close or native brings people to a state which unsettles also a customary tide of life. Incredibly painfully when after a serious illness doctors couldn't cure and the son died, the daughter died, the brother died or the sister died. Or after a disease couldn't save and the relative died, for example the father died, mother died, the grandfather and the grandmother died. Or tragically the son perished, the daughter perished.

       Often the loss of a loved one or a native leads people into a state that knocks them out of the rut and the usual course of life. Often, people can not cope with this situation independently. Some people from grief deprive themselves of life or become isolated, others write poetry or songs, still others throw out emotions that overfill them. The most effective way to distract from heavy thoughts is to transform negative energy into creativity. Creating a memory page on gives an opportunity to everyone, not endowed with talents to a person, to express their feelings beautifully, brightly, majestically.

      To cope with the loss and survive the loss - it is very important to get out of the depression in a timely manner, until emotions are rooted in the mind, do not begin to destroy the person and prevent a person from normal existence in society.


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Survive the loss of husband Survive the loss of wife Survive the loss of daughter


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      In order to survive the loss of a daughter or son, the loss of a father or mother and to curb the surging wave of feelings that torment the brain and heart, a special website is created, where everyone suffering from the death of a hotly loved father or husband, wife or mother, can Express your pain and express it in beautiful form.


      The page of memory allows you to scale the life course of a person, to highlight his merits and dignity, to preserve all the good that connects you to this person, will not allow time to erase the bright moments of life. The text and photos on the page of memory will tell everyone who visits the page of this person, about his or her wonderful deeds, good deeds, character traits or achievements. About your love for him or her. On the strength of your feelings, devotion and respect.


      This site is for people who are overwhelmed by inner feelings and require withdrawal in some form. This website allows to cope with loss of the son or daughter, the death of the father or mother if the husband died or the wife, or the person just dear to heart died.


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Survive the loss of a loved one Survive the death of a relative


      Creating a memory page on the memorial site will allow you to fulfill your duty to the memory of a deceased person and sum up her life. Show who this man was and what he meant to you. It gives a beautiful and unique opportunity to emphasize their importance, value for society, for relatives and friends, to list their services to people, to show that they are worthy of respect and memory, that they lived their lives and were not in vain.


      The death of a beloved father or mother or son, the loss of a daughter, husband or wife is not the end of your emotional and emotional connection, this is the beginning of a new relationship, deeper, more beautiful. And your task is to tell everyone that you have not forgotten that you are not indifferent, that you have not betrayed your relationship, that they remain the same strong and bright.


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"I love you" "I appreciate you" "My feelings for you will not go away"


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