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       The epitaph is a way to express the attitude towards the dead person, and also a way to identify the feelings and the grief in beautiful, often poetic form. It can also be an attempt to say those warm and gentle words which we haven't managed to tell the person during lifetime. Often it is only after the death of dear person, that we realize who he was for us during lifetime and how we lack him now. And the epitaph has to transmit all this pain and enlightenment.

       Though we lose relatives, native, favourite, but they continue to live in our memory, in our hearts. It is sad and offensive, when obligations to the dead come to an end after the memorial service and placing the obituary in the newspaper or installations of a monument on the grave. For those, whose beloved person has died, but hasn't left the heart, remained in soul and in thoughts, there is a fine opportunity to embody the thoughts and feelings and inexpressible words and to show the love, and to prove it by deed, and not just words. The opportunity is to create the page of memory on the magnificent Arhinimbian resource thanks to which the name of the close or darling person or an idol will be glorified in time and space. By means of a visual epitaph your feelings and thoughts are beautifully transformed into the page of memory of inexpressible beauty, which many acquaintances and strangers will want to see. By means of advanced technology of the visual editor in which the only thing to do is to scroll through objects and to choose the likeable ones, you create a masterpiece of the creativity in the name and for glory of your idol.

       Examples and samples of the created visual epitaphs are given below:


Modern epitaph Modern epitaph 8  

Modern epitaph 3 Modern epitaph 59 
Modern epitaph Modern epitaph 79 
Modern epitaph 86 Modern epitaph

 Modern epitaph Modern epitaph 
Modern epitaph Modern epitaph 
Modern epitaph Modern epitaph

       To compose epitaphs is a difficult affair and it is very heavy at once after the death, when the pain of the loss still torments your mind and paralyses your brain. But the process of a visual epitaph creation distracts from bitter thoughts and anguish and transforms power of suffering to the power of creativity. From hopelessness and emptiness you pass into the world of creation and care of dear person. You remember everything that was good in your life connected with this person and this good hasn't gone. All this remained on the page of a visual epitaph. Here all good memories concentrate and acquires a form. As the flower blossoms, thanks to your care, so the page of memory – a visual epitaph reaches magnificent beauty and perfection, thanks to your time and small effort.

       But the main thing: if souls are immortal (and they are immortal), they see everything from height and immensely rejoice to this attention to them of yours, to your sharing warth and taking care of them. It makes them happy. And this is the best that you can make for them.

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