Modern virtual monument in memory of people.


Virtual monument in memory of people

      Modern funeral services have evolved and have been transformed from stone pediments and monuments into a more advanced service for creating pages of memory. The advantages are obvious. Firstly, access to the page on the Internet is possible at any time from anywhere in the world, regardless of the weather and your physical condition. Also this page of memory is a virtual monument in which you put your soul, you can show everyone who knew your dear person by simply sending them a link to the page.

       Separately, it is necessary to say that the possibilities of a virtual monument in comparison to a granite monument are much more extensive and the virtual monument is not subject to aging. There is no need to clean weeds every year, paint a fence, wash the dirt off. The virtual monument does not rush from time, it will not be stolen or broken. Thus, for a price that is smaller by an order of magnitude, unlike monuments made of stone, concrete, iron or plastic, you get an eternal monument of your love, an incredibly beautiful one that you would never afford to build in real life.

monument    monument to the child      monument 35  monument 67    monument to the woman    monument to the fireman  monument to the soldier  

monument to the child     monument to the woman     monument to the soldier      monument to the fireman     gravestone    gravestone 25  gravestone 34    gravestone 45       gravestone 46     memorial 
and others …

       Especially this kind of monuments became relevant in the situation when the human body is subjected to cremation. And here it is especially difficult to do something beautiful and majestic. But it is the memory page that has now become the only place where you can express all your feelings, pour your pain, and most importantly - save all the bright memories, save photos and video in one place. And share it all with others.


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       And now we pass to the main advantage of the pages of memory as a monument: this is the Hall of Glory. This is generally the only place thanks to which it became possible to sum up the life of a person, to assess his/her spiritual qualities, his/her actions, merits and accomplishments. And only your opinion will matter, and no one can refute it. Moreover, separate pages from all admirers, friends and relatives can be added to your assessment in the Hall of Glory, and everyone will have their words of sympathy, empathy, pain and glorification. This is fantastically beautiful and so it is necessary for all of us to prove our spirituality, unity and humanity.

       We must not allow everything that connected us to the departed person, everything beautiful, kind and bright to burn down in the fire of cremation. You can save all this on one page of memory which becomes a monument to your relationships, your feelings. And it will be beautiful, absolutely and positively appreciated by others.

Radiy Sivak  2017.03.10

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