• Creating a page of memory is the last and most important act that we all have to do is relieve pain and give peace to the soul of a loved one. The page of memory created by you will provide a decent shelter for the soul, warmed by your care and attention.

  • For every soul it is very important, instead of wandering in a cold emptiness, to have a beautiful place filled with kind words, empathy, support, warmth and sincere love of family and friends.

  • This is the ideal way to tell all your friends and family about your loss and invite them to participate in improving the page and adding content (photo, video, text for expression of honor and recognition).

  • For all people who are dear to us, it is necessary to sum up the main result of their lives and give an assessment for merits and good deeds, for spiritual qualities, skills and talents. In the Hall of Fame, you can give them medals and express special honors and signs of recognition and love.

  • It is necessary to do this so that the memory of a close person does not fall in the dust of time, is not lost in the ocean of information and is always kept in a current and presentable form.

  • This is necessary so that you are not tormented by questions: - "Did I do everything that I could for someone who was very important to me and who spent a lot of time and energy for me? Have I paid enough tribute to this man for his love and care? Have I fulfilled my duty too formally? Will his soul judge me when we meet in another world? "

  • This portal is the main place for conveying your verbal and emotional messages that will be heard. This is a great place to express your love, manifestation of spirituality, humanity and care..

  • There is a high probability that your good words and comments will be important when choosing a well-deserved place for the soul. And it is your words that will help the balance to bow in favor of a person dear to you, save the soul from the pain of fire or subterranean suffering and their gratitude will be great and eternal.

  • Thanks to these pages, you do not part, you just see them less often. The soul of this person will always be close and your emotional connection will not be interrupted. In moments of sadness and days of joy you can always share a joyful event in your life, or ask for advice or protection. And a close and dear person will never refuse you. You will always be under his protection.

  • By pressing the SAVE button, you perform the sacred ritual of placing not only information, but also your feelings and your love in the knowledge base of the universe. Historians, as well as your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be able to appreciate your efforts and the opportunity to learn about their ancestors and their role in your life and in the history of mankind.

  • A specially developed graphical page editor with unique features and a ready large database of graphic objects will allow you to make changes on the page you created with just one click of a button, giving the page a unique look. This will give you the opportunity to show off your creative talents to friends and family.

  • Easy control system does not require training. Even a child can use it.

  • You can also add your background images and allow your friends and relatives to upload their photos to a person who is dear to you.

  • You can upload an unlimited number of photos and videos.

  • At any time you have access to the page, as well as the ability to change the design and any objects on the page. Also, you can attract any person to improve the page by simply sending him a link for access in the page editing mode. All changes will be saved.

If you are suffering from the loss of a loved one or you want to express to someone your respect and honor, or you want to open the heavenly gates before the soul of an dear person - start creating a virtual memorial.