How to act if the relative died.

How to act if a close one is dead and you need to do funerals?


Step-by-step action scheme in case of death of a relative.

       The first thing to do immediately after the death of a person is to issue a medical certificate of death in a polyclinic at the place of residence. If the deceased was not observed at the polyclinic, died suddenly, death occurred at night or on a day off, or death occurred outside the house (in the country, at a party, on the street, at work) it is necessary to call the police to obtain a death certificate. If death occurred in the hospital, a certificate is issued in a hospital morgue. If the hospital does not have a morgue, the deceased is taken to the morgue forensic medical examination. The body is kept in the morgue until the day of the funeral. The delivery of the body, as a rule, takes place during working hours. (Autopsy is not necessary, for example, if an old grandmother died that was ill for a long time, or if the person was registered with an oncological dispensary, and in many other cases, when the natural cause of death is obvious.)


Preparation for funerals and cremation.

        Immediately after receiving a medical certificate of death, call the funeral service or contact the funeral home in person. Beforehand you need to order a hearse. The hearse can be ordered at the funeral home or at the morgue or funeral service. If you do not use the services of a crematorium, then before burial it is necessary to dig a grave. Special people in the cemetery can dig a grave. You also need to order a monument, flowers on the grave, a grave on the grave, a sign on the monument, music for the funeral and the grave site in the cemetery. Still need to order wreaths, funeral ribbons and make an inscription on the mourning ribbon
        The mourning ceremony passes from the house some distance (20-100 meters), after that the coffin is immersed in a hearse and moves to the crematorium or to the cemetery.
       Conducting funerals includes the following tasks:
       - transportation of the deceased to the morgue and to the place of burial or cremation in the crematorium;
       - purchase and delivery of funeral supplies;
       - registration of an order for burial in the ground or cremation in a crematorium;
       - ablution, the vesting of the body, the deceased's placement in the coffin (performed by the funeral home or morgue);
       - disinfection, embalming, postmortem make-up;
       - selection and preparation of the funeral hall, preparation of the funeral scenario;
       - if necessary, preparation for holding religious events (requiem, funeral service)
       - Preparation for a funeral dinner.
       Wreath: at the memorial dinner there should be a kutya. After the funeral and memorial table, it is necessary in the registrar's offices to issue a state registration of death, hand over the deceased's passport and receive a stamped death certificate. It is given to the representative of the deceased person (relative or close). The application for the stamped death certificate must be submitted to the registry office no later than three days after the date of death or from the day the body of the deceased was found. To obtain a death certificate, you must show:
       - medical certificate of death;
       - Passport of the deceased (when issuing a certificate, it is withdrawn);
       - passport of the applicant.
       After cremation or burial, you need to enter the inheritance rights. How to get an inheritance correctly, you need to consult an attorney at the registry office. There you will be told what kind of documents you need to prepare to enter the right of succession for inheritance. The inheritance also includes all bank accounts of the deceased. To do this, you need to contact the bank for an account statement for the deceased.


Paid and free services of morgues.

       Free services are rendered by the morgue if they are claimed by a relative or legal representative of the deceased person who took responsibility for the burial. The list of free morgue services:
       - the presence in the morgue of the body of the deceased for a period of up to 7 days, if the loved ones have already been informed of the death of a person, but the burial is postponed for certain reasons, and up to 14 days in the case of their search until notice. (There may be differences in different regions);
       - washing and dressing of the body;
       - packing it in a coffin and taking out a coffin to the funeral hall for delivery to legal representatives.
       Prices for any funeral services should be indicated in the price list of the morgue, to which you apply, there must also be registered and free of charge services.


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       After burial or cremation, in order to pay the last debt and express sincere feelings and sum up the life of a loved one, it is necessary to create a page of memory about the close person you loved. This will not only preserve the best memories of him, but will also allow you to express your feelings and show respect and love.

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        The most tragic thing we can face is the death of a loved one or a relative. If a person who is dear to the heart has died, he must necessarily go to heaven and in your power to help him in this. Archimbambian is a place where souls find eternal peace and only the sadness of parting with you worries them. But their sadness will be less if, with the help of the created page of memory, you can maintain a spiritual connection with their soul and thus you will remain forever together and this gives mutual comfort and joy.


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