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     We share grief with you. For us it is honour to help you with glorification of people who lived with dignity and have become famous for affairs and have deserved the right to be in the Hall of Glory of mankind. Perhaps, we haven't managed to give them all they deserved during lifetime. But now there is a chance to compensate for a lack and to do worthy honours to those who mean a lot in our life and continue to figure prominently in heart.

     Visual obituaries with opportunities to change the design of the page of memory have come to replacement to an outdated form of obituaries and epitaphs. At the same time there is an opportunity to place the text, photos, video. In the Hall of Glory it is possible to estimate their merits and advantages by means of a big set of medals and it is beautiful to express the feelings to the person, dear to you, and to glorify this name for many years.

     Below you will find references to samples of epitaphs which will help to make you the obituary or to write a beautiful epitaph. Examples will be useful for you to place on a memorial of the dead or use in the connection with the death of an employee.

     If souls continue to live, they wait for care, love and noble acts from us.


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