Modern obituary


Modern obituary.

       Very long time ago, the only way to inform the general public on the death of the person was writing the obituary. And only wealthy citizens used this opportunity. Poor people never wrote obituaries.

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       Now there is also a need for obituaries, but obituaries in newspapers have already become obsolete. Such obituaries were succeeded by a modern way to deliver information – the Internet. And thanks to it the obituary not only became the public and comprehensive and not limited in time with one issue of the newspaper with the avaricious formal lines, but also there is an opportunity to make the obituary the real work of art - bright, beautiful, memorable. Thanks to the resource, it has become possible by using advanced technologies of visual editors to create unique visual obituaries, unlimited on text volume, allowing to post many photos and video. It is necessary for the loving people to spend only several minutes in order to press scrolling arrows, choose the most suitable from the available base of objects, both quickly and easily create the fine obituary which one will want to show all at once, showing the creative talents and the attitude towards the dead.

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 Radiy Sivak  2017 01 12

Thus the author of the obituary attracts all who knew the dead to the uniting interaction, to expression of the of feelings to the dead. And for this purpose there is a separate unique opportunity – the Hall of glory. Pages of the Hall of glory are attached to this person whose name the created visual obituary glorifies. And each new person who has come into the Hall of glory through the concrete obituary can create the whole page (unlike comments) on which there is a beautiful field in the form of a roll for unlimited text writing. Here guests write the thoughts and the attitude towards the dead, is frequent in the form of verses, i.e. the whole epitaphs.

       But the main advantages of the Hall of glory are several innovative opportunities at once (in difference from standard wreaths and candles). This appointment or assignment of medals for those qualities which the guest considers it necessary to note. Spheres, which the medals mention, begin from personal characteristics (for example, for tenderness or devotion) to merits before mankind, including both religious and creative and production merits. And also there are medals, reflecting personal relations with the guest, for example "The best mother", "Best friend", etc.

       The second unique opportunity is to express own emotions with the help of a large selection of vases for such feelings as "I remember", "Missing You", "I Love". It should be noted that the creators of this project, with exceptional attention to details proceeded the creation of medals, vases and all the elements and that was not a formal approach. Even in the course of their choice or simple contemplation the resourse delivers real pleasure and it distracts from gloomy thoughts, confirms the significance and value of the process. All in all, we achieved an excellent result of the international level, which does not only glorifies the deceased; the creators of these visual obituaries, and pages in the Hall of Fame are also glorified.

       Thus, thanks to this resource, gloomy obituaries turned into a fascinating process and extremely beautiful pieces.

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