Samples of monuments


      Here are only a few monuments that you can choose and use on the created pages of memory for your dear and beloved people. Dozens of such beautiful monuments will be presented to your choice.

      It's unlikely that anyone will be able to make such monuments for real cemeteries. But if you make such a monument, then great efforts will be required for protection, care and maintenance. In real life, flowers cannot survive through periods of long time near the monument at the cemetery, and the flowers on these pages of memory will never fade, like your memory of a loved one.


Samples of monuments 1 Samples of monuments 2
Monument "I love you" Monument "My feelings do not fade to you"
Sample Monument 4 Sample Monument 5
Monument "We are still together" Monument "My pure love for you"
Sample Monument 7 Sample Monument 8
Monument "We will be together soon" Monument "You are the main one in my life"
Sample Monument 3 Sample Monument 6
Monument "You are forever in my heart" Monument "Rest in peace"
Sample Monument 9 Sample Monument 3
Monument "There are no such people in the world" Monument "My pain is inextinguishable"

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