Additional services:

         For an additional fee, it is possible to place onto the page you created:
- a photo of your friend or relative onto the monument from our base (a photo cannot be placed onto statues);
- personalised monument, sent by you, which will not be available to the rest of the site users;
- developed by you personal background, not reproduced on other pages.

        To order this service, you need to prepare the material that you want to put on the created page (photos prepared or unprepared, perhaps in your box). You can also select the monument from the gallery and click the "Order" button. After the order is done, pay for the ordered service. The accrued amount is shown below the page. But first, choose a convenient currency for the payment.
        After receiving the payment, our experts will revise the material you sent to correct if needed and post epitaph onto obituary page, created by you.

        You can also send us your own option of a monument or a background for adding to the general base. If we approve, then we will place them intp the general base and then you will be able to select your option of a monument or a background to use on the page created by you. All users of the website will also be able to use your background or monument.

Select the desired service, download the files ...:

You can choose a monument from our gallery. To do this, click on it, so that it is marked with a red frame. (Portraits on the monument samples are placed as examples. Portrait sent by you will be placed on your selected monument).
Or upload your own personal version of the monument in .png format
Upload a photo to place on the monument (format jpg. png. jpeg)
Select the number of a sign which we will place on a monument and type its number into the box
Or upload your own version of the frame (.png format):
Upload a photo of the dearest person to be placed in the frame:
You can design your own unique background or order from professionals and install on the page.
Load the individual background (width not less than 1000 pixels, the format is .jpg, .jpeg):

Free services:

I want to send you elements of own development (a background, the frame for a portrait, a monument, ornament, decoration ...) for free to be placed into the base of your website so that I and other people could use them while creating visual obituary epitaphs (the .png format, .jpg background format)

Enter final information: