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Virtual cemetery: a paradise for the soul.

      What usually, by tradition, is called a virtual cemetery and is represented gloomy and infinitely mournful in our case is very light place, it is even possible to call it joyful and elegant. The sense of this Internet resource, is not to get sad again, but on the contrary to be glad about opportunities to communicate mentally again, remember all good things that were, to show your devotion, care and love, to express the feelings in a beautiful way, to tell everyone what a good person he or she was. Only here it is possible to award feats, a merit and internal qualities by means of medals. It can't be made anywhere else and in any other way. No epitaph or the obituary will allow to describe merits before the family or before working collective, admirers or before mankind fully, brightly and colourfully. It is impossible to cheat, because you confirm your every word with their deeds..

      This tool creating the page of memory at international virtual "cemetery", is the real thing for those who are deeply sad about the loss of their loved one, for those, who don't want to reconcile to this loss, for those, who want to continue seeing and communicating with that person who figured prominently and continues to take a great place in their thoughts and soul. For those, whose warm heart doesn't cool down as quickly as bodies do and whose memory doesn't disappear over time. For those, who remain faithful to the promises and feelings.
       The ease with which this is all done, amazes and fascinates. It is as a colourful game for children. Here are - some advantages of this virtual "cemetery":
  •         - the unlimited place for your texts and words of recognition;
  •         - the unlimited place for placement of photos and video;
  •         - the huge choice of options for decorating the created page of memory (plants, lamps, bouquets, guardian angels, a framework for portraits, monuments, tapes, backgrounds, vases, medals …);
  •         - any time, you can change decoration and save a new version of the page;
  •         - also you can add the individual elements (backgrounds, a framework, jewelry, monuments) which you will develop.
       It is a really unique project by the opportunities and beauty for all, who sincerely grieve, who want to pour out grief, to show the tenderness, to create the place which would be visited by the soul and with pleasure and gratitude it would remain to live there.

       And here is the view of how the modern virtual cemetery, no, not the cemetery, but paradise for fine souls can look like.

virtual cemetery virtual cemetery 4  
virtual cemetery 7 virtual cemetery23 
virtual cemetery 4 virtual cemetery 56 

       Thus, the virtual cemetery, whatever gloomy this may sound , is nothing but the place where the soul of your beloved one or your idol will live. It is in your power to do so, that the soul would not be sad and it would have its own place for years and centuries.

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       Radiy Sivak  2016 .11.14