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     Probably everyone knows that the souls are immortal, and therefore living souls will be pleased to see how sincerely and gently you treat them, show the care, devote your time to them. Therefore the best way for manifestation of the respect, recognition, the feelings, and also a fine way to glorify a name of the person and to continue "communication" with him is creation of the page of memory and the page of Glory on our website.
     The сemetery is not the best way to express recognition to the person. They send to the cemetery what isn't necessary any more. But by means of our website you don't get rid of the person, and on the contrary, develop the relations at the new level - more beautifully, more interestingly, more saturated. You also attach other people to interaction, create community of those who knew, appreciated and loved this person. The Visual epitaph will help you learn who and what felt and thought about him/her.
     The obituary isn't an effective and modern way for expression of the grief and pain today. Is much more effective to make it by means of the created and beautifully designed page of memory and the page in the Hall of Glory where the attitude towards this person and sincerity of words and feelings is well visible. Advantage of the created page over the obituary consists that the page isn't limited to one issue of the newspaper and isn't limited to one remote place at the cemetery. The page of Glory is available always and everywhere, from any point of the city, the country or the world.
     And one more difference from the obituary in the newspaper or on a tombstone is the possibility of unlimited placement of photos and video and unlimited volume of the text. Create modern obituaries - Visual epitaph!
And you can change content and design of the page at any time.
     Therefore welcome to the international resource of feeling manifestation, recognition, respect and love for our beloved ones and favourite idols. Only here you will be able to establish a unique fantastic monument, choose the most beautiful bouquet, beautifully express your feelings in words or vases, and also to award the medals in the «Hall of Glory». Only here you have the opportunity to create a beautiful wonderful world, where the soul of the chosen by you the person will live and feel to you great gratitude.

     You are waiting for an incredible choice of free of monuments (more than 40):

monument    monument to the child      monument 35  monument 67    monument to the woman    monument to the fireman 
and others …

     Also, a large number of of monuments for portraits and text (small samples):

monument to the woman     monument to the soldier      monument to the fireman     gravestone    gravestone 25  gravestone 34    gravestone 45       memorial 
and others …

     A unique opportunity to lay an unfading bouquet of the most beautiful fowers that you've ever seen at the base :

wreath 1     wreath3   wreath 6       and others …

     You will be able to express your feelings, not only with words, but also in the «Hall of Glory» to appoint deserved rewards (with titles) for all merits (e.g. loyalty, tenderness, intelligence, kindness, ...):
                  bouquet on a grave   bouquet on a grave   bouquet on a grave 34   
and others …

     Besides you, all the people you send this link to, all who knew the person for whom you have created the page can share their emotions and respect in the «Hall of Glory». Expression of your feelings can be words, poems, medals and beautiful vases. The text is saved for free. And by adding medals and vases, people can prove the truth of their words.
     In stock a huge selection of beautiful places is available, where the soul of a dear person could live, or you can create your own background. Add a variety of decorations, objects, choose a guardian angel, put the portrait in the frame you liked. And show the beauty to all your friends. It will be possible to find and see this page for people from all over the world.

     Here are examples of the created pages obituaries - epitaph:

 virtual cemetery 4  
virtual cemetery 7 virtual cemetery 23 
visual epitaph 43 visual epitaph 45 
visual epitaph 56 visual epitaph 67
 sample obituary sample obituary 
example epitaph example epitaph 
example epitaph example epitaph
     But you create a page - obituaries-epitaph, it will be even better!

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     - You can remove the image by selecting an empty picture.
     - The arrow in the center helps you choose the theme of images.
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 Radiy Sivak  2017.02.18

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